An equal partnership between Cambridge City Council and The Hill Group


Garage Sites

Project description

Using one project team, CIP took a number of underutilised land parcels within existing council estates and to deliver 15 new council homes.

Site Address:5 Sites: Queens Meadow; Markham Close; Gunhild Way; Colville Road Garages; Wulfstan Way
Affordable Housing:100% council rented
Affordable Homes:15
Total New Homes:15
Architect:Mole and Rock Townsend

Build Programme

Demolition & remediation:Q2 2019
Start on site construction:Q3 2019
First new homes complete:Q2 2020
Build completion:Q3 2020

Wider Benefits

  • Much-needed housing, contributing new council homes towards the 500 net new council home target
  • Delivered five small schemes together for economies of scale over a one year period
  • Making best use of poor quality garage sites

Sustainability Features

  • MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) - highly efficient ventilation systems in all new council homes to reduce energy costs and improve air quality by using heat from the extracted air to heat fresh incoming air, and reducing condensation within the home
  • Fabric-first - reduced heat loss through thicker walls/floors and better insulation, exceeding the latest standards of construction
  • PV panels - generating electricity to reduce heating and hot water costs to tenants
  • Garage Sites
    Garage Sites