An equal partnership between Cambridge City Council and The Hill Group

About us

Cambridge Investment Partnership is an equal partnership between Cambridge City Council and Hill Investment Partnerships.

The partnership was established in 2017 to address the housing shortage across Cambridge by providing high-quality brand new council homes and market sale homes, commercial and community facilities. Through the creation of the partnership, we are investing in and transforming council-owned and other land across the city by bringing together the best of public and private sector expertise and providing homes that are fit for the future.

As part of the £70m Cambridgeshire and Peterborough devolution grant, the partnership had an initial target to start at least 500 net council homes by March 2022. This was reached a year early and six years on the partnership has completed 10 new developments and is now working to deliver a minimum of 1,700 new homes, with 1,000 being council homes within 10 years, including the first Passivhaus accredited council homes in Cambridge.

Cambridge Investment Partnership collaboration meeting
Cambridge Investment Partnership collaboration meeting

Our successes

The Partnership

Our partnership is based on shared aims and collaboration.

Our success is down to collaboration, using our combined, complementary skills to work together closely as a team on the day-to-day delivery of the programme.

The council brings strong strategic and political links through its various local authority and partnership relationships. On a local level, the council’s significant public sector-led housing delivery knowledge and experience helps identify the needs of the local community and prioritise the delivery of sites.

Hill Investment Partnerships brings investment, commercial and financial expertise together with its knowledge, skills, and experience in development and extensive market relationships.

Through the partnership, we are committed to driving forward new housing, creating highly sustainable homes that are fit for the future and taking a key role in the regeneration of the city for years to come.

“We are continuously looking at how we can do more and do things better.”

Mike Davey, Executive Councillor for Finance, Resources and Transformation Cambridge City Council

The story of the Cambridge Investment Partnership

Our Vision

  • Invest in the development of land to create successful new places that meet both financial and social objectives.
  • Improve the use of council assets and those of other public sector bodies in Cambridge to meet the identified housing need across the city.
  • Optimise financial return through enhanced asset value.
  • Deliver high quality sustainable new homes which are designed for the future and meet or exceed local sustainability policies
Vision graphic


The environmental impact of new buildings and the inefficiencies of older buildings are an essential part of our development programme and we are committed to contributing to the City’s climate change objectives.

All our homes offer a high level of sustainability and are built in accordance with Cambridge Sustainable Housing Design Guide. Our new developments are now gas free, ahead of the Government’s targets and we are now on site building the first Passivhaus accredited council homes in Cambridge.

Developing a more sustainable lifestyle


An extensive programme of public art has been commissioned as part of our programme of new housing. The public art projects across a number of our developments are being delivered by Resonance Cambridge and will see the delivery of events engaging with the existing community, together with artwork being installed in the new public open spaces being created at our new developments.

Find out more about our public art programme and our artists:

Resonance Cambridge
The artworks Sarah has produced for Anstey Way have been informed by the history of farming, the Plant Breeding Institute, and the ongoing horticulture in the community including the allotments and the community garden.

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