About Us

CIP is a partnership based on shared aims

Cambridge City Council and Hill Investment Partnerships are committed to tackling the housing crisis in Cambridge City.

In July 2016, Cambridge City Council decided that working in partnership with a major developer would help accelerate its housing development projects. In January 2017, the Council established Cambridge Investment Partnership (CIP) with Hill Investment Partnerships who were chosen based on their track record of proven delivery and shared vision and values.

Our Vision

Invest in the development of land to create successful new places that meet both financial and social objectives.

Improve the use of council assets and those of other public sector bodies in Cambridge to meet the identified housing need across the city.

Optimise financial return through enhanced asset value.

Deliver at least 500 council rented homes as part of the £70m Cambridgeshire and Peterborough devolution grant.

How CIP Works

Executive decisions on future developments are taken by the CIP Board which is made up of Executive Councillors and Directors from Cambridge City Council and Hill Investment Partnerships. All investment decisions are agreed by both parties before a project starts.

The Board is supported by the CIP investment team which is responsible for carrying out the Board’s decisions and managing the core development work of the partnership. The CIP investment team consists of specialist staff from Cambridge City Council and the Hill Group.

Benefits of CIP

CIP’s strength comes from our combined, complementary skills, including investment team representatives and wider organisations. Each contributes specific skills, experience and relationships to the partnership:

The Council brings strong strategic and political links through its various local authority and partnership relationships. On a local level the Council’s significant public sector-led housing delivery knowledge and experience and enabling role will help identify the needs of the local community and prioritise the delivery of sites

Hill Investment Partnerships brings investment, commercial and financial expertise together with its knowledge, skills and experience in development and extensive market relationships.

Through partnership working, we will successfully deliver project plan objectives and ensure that CIP meets city residents’ priorities and needs, particularly with regard to affordable housing.