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Published: 27 September 2023

Cambridge first time buyer secures energy savings at Timber Works

When Dhanushan Reveendran (30) moved to Cambridge five years ago, he dreamed of one day owning his own home in the world-renowned university city. With many colleagues and friends having bought at one of The Hill Group’s developments in the city, Dhanushan was inspired to buy a spacious two-bedroom apartment by the 5-star housebuilder at Timber Works. Complete with a range of energy-efficient features, the new build home is comfortably warm in the winter without energy bills breaking the bank.

Through purchasing his new build home at Timber Works, Dhanushan, an electronic engineer, has discovered the cost-saving advantages of its modern design and energy efficiency.

Speaking about his new apartment, Dhanushan says: “The apartment features underfloor heating, which not only saves space as you don’t need bulky radiators but also heats the property more efficiently. There are thermostats in all rooms to control the temperature of each room individually, which means that you only need to heat the rooms you are using. For me this means, I don’t need to heat my office space during the week and can focus on heating the bedrooms in the evenings. The property also features triple glazing, meaning heat is retained well and less heating is required to keep the house warm.”

Moving to Cambridge for work, Dhanushan was captivated by the area and knew that this was where he wanted to purchase his first property. With the buzzing and historic city centre, just a 20-minute walk away, Timber Works is well-positioned for those looking to enjoy easy access around Cambridge.

Dhanushan continues: “The location of Timber Works is fantastic and is one of the main reasons that I chose to buy here. I don’t drive, so being able to walk or cycle around the city is a must for me. My office is only around a 15-minute walk from home and the train station is close by. For high-street shops, the Beehive Centre is just a short walk away and there are also a couple of lovely parks locally.”

In August 2021, he began searching for his new home, having saved up a deposit over an eight-year period. Having previously been recommended Hill’s homes by colleagues living in the area, Dhanushan was excited to see what the homes at Timber Works had to offer. He comments: “I had been impressed by my colleagues’ homes at Marleigh, another Hill development, and was pleased to see that the interiors at Timber Works were designed to the same high standard. The size of the living room at Timber Works really impressed me. It was a lot larger than some of the other apartments I had looked at in the area. Apart from the carpeted bedrooms, the apartment features sleek Amtico flooring throughout, which gives the home a very rich look. I also have a balcony which is overlooking the green space at Timber Works, so the view is lovely.”

For Dhanushan, buying his first property was a long-term goal. He explains: “I had been renting for almost eight years, first in Bristol and later in Cambridge. I had been living in shared accommodation, where two of us were renting a four-bedroom house, each effectively having a bedroom and an office space. I was keen to get onto the property ladder as soon as possible and am enjoying having my own space.”

Speaking about his experiences buying a home with The Hill Group, Dhanushan comments: “I have been very impressed with the Hill team. They were on top of everything to ensure that the sale could go through promptly and was in regular communication throughout the process to ensure that they had all of the information they needed. I had been told by colleagues that had previously purchased with The Hill Group about the aftersales service, which was a big selling point for me. Since moving in, the team has checked in with me after a week and after a month to ask how I am getting on and have taken feedback on board.”