An equal partnership between Cambridge City Council and The Hill Group


Solohaus Foundation 200 Projects

Project description

These precision engineered modern homes have been designed to provide stepping-stone accommodation to people who have been homeless or living in unstable accommodation. Cambridge City Council provided three sites from it’s land across the city in Abbey, East Chesterton and King’s Hedges. Jimmy’s now manages the Solohaus homes as three move-on schemes, working with the Council to allocate residents who will benefit from a period of stability and independence.

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Name of Sites:

  • Lil Speed Walk: 4 homes
  • Janet Jones Walk: 6 homes
  • Barnes Close: 6 homes

The three completed schemes are the first of their kind in the UK, and are designed to provide a pleasant living environment, well integrated with their local neighbourhoods. Along with the new homes, generous communal space is provided along with plenty of storage for bikes. The Solohaus is designed to be accessible and safe for residents with mobility issues – they are all manufactured to M4(2) (Wheelchair adaptable) standards under the Building Regulations. Homes are provided fully furnished with electric hob, fridge, microwave and washing machine and are fully fitted with new furniture and are even equipped with new clothes for the residents. Jimmy’s has provided broadband service for residents’ use as well.

The Solohaus homes are donated by the Hill Foundation as part of Andy Hill’s Foundation200 project. This project aims to provide charities across the UK with the groundbreaking resource of new Solohaus homes free of charge. Hill works closely with local charities to ensure that each project integrates with and positively contributes to local efforts to increase affordable housing.


Foundation 200

Residents have now moved in to all three Cambridge Solohaus schemes and are settling in well.

  • Solohaus interior
    Solohaus interior
  • Solohaus interior
    Solohaus interior