An equal partnership between Cambridge City Council and The Hill Group


Akeman Street

Project description

The development replaces a tired building that under-utilised space with new homes, shops and a community centre. This offers level access, two rooms and a fully equipped kitchen providing a valuable resource for the local neighbourhood.

Site Address:Akeman Street, Cambridge CB4 3HG
Affordable Housing:100% council rented
Affordable Homes:14 homes
Total New Homes:6no maisonettes, 8no apartments, 3no commercial units and 1 community centre.
Grant Funding:£70m Devolution Grant

Build Programme

Demolition & remediation:Q4 2019
Start on site construction:Q4 2019
First new homes complete:Q1 2021
Community facility complete:Q2 2021
Build completion:Q2 2021

Wider Benefits

  • Time Capsule buried in the Community Centre Grounds.
  • Temporary Community Centre provided locally during construction period
  • Akeman Street Courtyard
    Akeman Street Courtyard
  • Akeman Street Aerial View
    Akeman Street Aerial View