Vehicle Access to Ironworks, Mill Road development

We are transforming the former Mill Road Depot into a vibrant residential area, together with new areas of open space, a brand new community centre, retail/office space together with associated external works including cycle parking and landscaping. The development, which is located within the Mill Road Conservation Area, will eventually create 236 new studio, one and two bedroom apartments and two, three and four bedroom homes, with half for private sale and half as council rented homes.

Vehicles will only be able to access the development from Mill Road. At the northern end of the site, Eagle Foundry Street will become a paved path that is closed to vehicles and will run through the park to connect with Hooper Street. Removable timber bollards will be locked in  place at the entrance to Hooper Street, preventing vehicle access to the site, apart from by emergency vehicles. Cyclists and pedestrians will be able to access the development from Hooper Street.

The development is in a prime location for access by public transport, cycling and walking with a reduced reliance on the private car. The streets have been designed to promote low traffic speeds and are lined with housing frontages, open spaces and include tree planting to create leafy, well overlooked streets.

Low kerbs are also being used to contribute to the pedestrian friendly character of the development and raised sections of the roads will be located at the end of streets to help further reduce speed and promote pedestrian priority.

Vehicle Access to Ironworks, Mill Road