Masterpiece created by local residents on the hoarding at Orchard Park

Local residents and artists have been working hard to create a truly inspirational hoarding design at our Orchard Park site.

We were really keen to make the hoarding as colourful and vibrant as possible so approached the local community to see if they would like to be involved. Marmalade Lane cohousing community, opposite the Orchard Park site, proposed a mural design which highlights the natural world that exists in this corner of Cambridge.

We donated the painting materials but many others were also keen to be involved. Many residents in Orchard Park donated jam jars, left over paints and made donations to buy brushes whilst the local postman gave a few elastic bands to help the artists secure their drawings and stop them blowing away.

Students from Cambridge Regional College and pupils from Kings Hedges School were also among dozens of passers-by who stopped every day to admire the work as the fantastic mural came to life with some passers-by commenting:

“Thank you for making this little bit of the world more beautiful.” 

“It lifts my spirits to see this lovely picture every day.”

“We always go the long way around so the children can see what’s new each time we pass.”

Tom Hill, Regional Director of Hill comments, “We are so impressed with the quality of art that has been produced on our hoarding and the amount of work that has gone into it. It is wonderful to see the positive reaction that it is receiving on a daily basis from local residents and we would like to thank everyone who have generously given their time and talent to create this stunning masterpiece.”

Cllr Richard Johnson, Executive Councillor for Housing at Cambridge City Council and CIP board member comments, “This site at Orchard Park is another important part of our council homes programme that will see us exceeding our target of building 500 brand new council homes by March 2022. It is great to see people coming together to create this attractive, inspiring mural which I am sure will be welcomed by local residents.”

Helen Golden, one of the local artists involved explains the inspiration behind the hoarding, “Despite our built environment, mother nature is all around us if we care to look. Our hope is that people will be inspired to notice the beauty of the plants and creatures here in Orchard Park, and to value them and take care of them.”

Maria Posa, one of Helen’s neighbours, who has been Helen’s assistant during the painting of the mural,  brought her passion for birds and butterflies to the project said, “I never dreamed I could do such a thing. It’s one of the best things I’ve done in the whole of my life.” 

We have submitted a revised planning application for Parcel L2, Orchard Park. The revised application will provide 75 new homes, including 40% council rented homes in a creative new design with two apartment blocks and a row of coach houses.

The highly sustainable development will be ‘gas free’ with air source heat pumps, biodiverse green roofs, six electric charging spaces, one hybrid/electric car club vehicle and above-policy cycle parking provision of 124 bike spaces.

We have worked closely with the local community to design the scheme and a masterplan of improvements to the adjacent public open space. These include extensive recreational and biodiversity improvements and include a community growing garden, pergola and seating area, trim trail, running track, table tennis table and generous planting.

The scheme will include sustainable drainage features and there will be additional tree planting to provide privacy to the flats at Engledow Drive.

CIP Orchard Park Artwork