Creative children design their dream sustainable homes

Congratulations to Umberto, Belle and Elsie who won our Design Your Dream Sustainable Home competition we held at the start of lockdown.

The fantastic entries showed a great deal of thought and creativity and a stacks of imagination. The children were asked to consider:

  • Including the typical rooms you normally find in a home such as kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedrooms
  • Think about the environmental features such as green roofs, solar panels, insulation
  • Include some recycling features
  • And add a bit of imagination and fun

Umberto, aged 8 took the time and effort to design a 3D City of the Future using just paper, pens and tape. He created a variety of sustainable buildings, green areas, a farm, park with everything powered using solar energy and energy from the ground.

Elsie, aged 6 created a fantastic blue house using a mix of bricks and candy floss with a grass roof for sustainability.

Belle, aged 9 painted her sustainable home and created a series of floor plans as well as an explanation of how the house is sustainable. She said,

“My house is sustainable because it has solar panels on its roof and the antenna connection to Sputnik, the first ever satellite to go into space. I decided on these features because it had to be green and solar panels are green, and I like history, so because Sputnik was made in the cold war I wanted to include it in some way. I hope you like my entry!”

We were so impressed with the entries that the winners each received a voucher to spend on their favourite things.