Addressing the housing shortage, both market and affordable, across Cambridge

The Challenge

Cambridge has one of the strongest housing markets in the country due to its booming economy and robust community provisions and facilities. The city is also an attractive destination thanks to its historic built environment and institutions like the university.

As a result, Cambridge is a growing city and faces the challenges that go with this. The population of the Greater Cambridge Area (including South Cambridgeshire) is expected to grow by 26% between 2011 and 2031.

House prices in the city are among the highest in the UK and housing stock is in short supply due to the city’s growth. A 2018 study by the Institute for Cities ranked Cambridge as the least equal city in the UK. Average house prices in Cambridge are around twice the national average at £541,514 and the median monthly cost to rent a two-bedroom house stands at £1,190 per month. This contrasts with the government’s Local Housing Allowance rate for the city which is currently £666.42 per month. As a result, long-term residents in Cambridge risk being priced out of the changing market, both as homeowners and as renters. CIP aims to change this.

Our response

CIP was created to help deliver Cambridge City Council’s ambitious housing strategy which intends to increase the number of affordable homes in the city. We are bringing forward a mixed portfolio of market and council housing, aiming to produce attractive, sustainable homes which are fully integrated into existing neighbourhoods.

We are currently developing a mixed portfolio of sites, including:

  • large-scale residential development of brownfield sites in the city centre, such as the Ironworks site on Mill Road and the former Ridgeons site on Cromwell Road. These flagship sites will provide a mix of market and affordable housing
  • estate regeneration schemes, providing improved, more efficient council housing on publicly owned land, such as the Anstey Way and Colville Road sites
  • infill schemes, making use of under-used parcels of City Council land to provide additional affordable housing.

Our pipeline of schemes will:

  • increase housing provision overall in the City of Cambridge
  • provide current city residents, as well as those seeking to move to Cambridge, with a good choice of new homes of varying sizes, types and tenures
  • ensure that Cambridge residents can live in sustainable homes that are fit for the future
  • be fully integrated with the local economy and infrastructure, ensuring that residents can contribute to the city’s vibrant culture.